About Us & The Designer


Meet Javeria Khan, a visionary Pakistani fashion designer and artist, renowned as the creative force behind the Khatepoesh brand. Born in the vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan. Javeria studied Art in Islam at New York University, shaping her passion, and later refined her skills in Islamic geometric pattern making and calligraphy at the Kings School of Traditional Arts in London. Javeria continued to pursue her artistic journey at the National College of Arts, where she honed her skills in painting and illustration. Following the establishment of Khatepoesh in 2016, Javeria pursued a second master's degree in Design with a focus on Fashion Design at Goldsmiths University of London.

Creating “Khatepoesh”:

Transitioning from a painter to a trendsetter, Javeria embarked on a creative odyssey, giving birth to "Khatepoesh" after being profoundly moved by her exploration of calligraphy during her art school years. Derived from a poetic Farsi phrase, eloquently translating to "Grandiose fabrics and calligraphy," Khatepoesh emerges as a harmonious fusion, seamlessly marrying these two artistic realms. This harmonious alliance has remained the cornerstone of the brand's essence since its inception in 2016, casting a spell of timeless elegance onto every creation.

Khatepoesh, Javeria, and the brand’s essence:

She formulated the brand, a fashion label that seamlessly blends traditional Pakistani motifs with a modern aesthetic. Her designs, inspired by her travels and upbringing in Pakistan, showcase a fusion of cultural richness and contemporary allure.

Notable Works:

Let's delve into some of Javeria Khan's most notable works, each a cultural masterpiece:

"Birds of Heaven" Collection: Inspired by her travels through Turkey, this series of hand-painted kurtas features intricate bird motifs. The collection pays homage to the beauty of Islamic art and architecture, bringing a piece of cultural elegance to the forefront.

"Illumination" Collection: Drawing inspiration from the art of Islamic calligraphy, these dresses, made from sheer fabrics, feature intricate calligraphy patterns. The collection serves as a visual ode to the rich heritage of Islamic artistry, creating garments that are not just dresses but reflections of cultural sophistication.

"Al Andalus" Collection: Infused with the spirit of the Moorish art and architecture of Spain, this series of dresses is crafted from rich fabrics, boasting bold patterns and colors. The collection is a vibrant tribute to the cultural influences that have shaped and enriched the artistic tapestry of Pakistan.